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About Jackie - painting in my studio & photos of me

me when I was little with my 1st dogHeroes and villains. Funny animals. Splashes of color, lines and paint: stories. I spent my childhood immersed in story. I hyperventilated when it was my turn to visit the bookmobile. I came from a family of oral storytellers and comedians. And if I wasn't reading or hearing stories, I was acting them out with my toys or on paper.

Tony, Pam & meI began my career as a graphic designer and illustrator. Over time I came to the realization that I was not just a visual artist but that I was walking in my family’s footsteps as a humorist and storyteller. I told stories with my pictures, illustrating books for many authors including Jackie French Koller, Denia Lewis Hester, Elizabeth Cody Kimmel, Karen Beaumont, and April Pulley Sayre.

In 1997 I began studying with author Jane Resh Thomas and added author to my credits along with illustrator when Duck at the Door was published in 2007. It became a NY Times Bestseller and was followed by Duck Soup, Duck and Cover and Sitting Duck.

With my picture stories I do aim to entertain, but for me, humor is more than just entertainment. It tells us things about ourselves that are difficult to look at square in the eye and it has a direct connection to my heart. Laughter gets us by difficult moments and reminds us that we’re All human. Or in the case of Max, all ducks.

 My humor is based on many of the things important to me: home, belonging, compassion and of course, cooking and eating.

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Working in my studio
"say cheeese"
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