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The wacky, quacky world of Max the Duck!
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Happy Go Ducky

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Ducks in a Row, an I Can Read book

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Duck at the Door,

Sitting Duck, Duck and Cover, Duck Soup, Duck at the Door, Ducks in a Row (an I can read book), and coming in January 2012, Happy Go Ducky.

Max the duck

You can read excerpts from Jackie’s books by clicking on the book covers.

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When it comes to making readers of all ages laugh and then laugh some more New York Times bestselling author Jackie Urbanovic can do no wrong! Duck Soup and Duck and Cover are two of the most entertaining read-alouds around—in fact, they have our Club members singing their praises time and time again! This time, everyone’s favorite neurotic duck Max thinks taking care of a puppy won’t be any trouble. At all. That is, until he meets Anabel… and Anabel discovers the trampoline. Hold on to your hats, because Max will taker readers of Sitting Duck on a wildly fun ride! (Ages 4-6)
Children’s Book of the Month Club

“Max the duck, star of Duck at the Door (2007), Duck Soup (2008), and Duck and Cover (2009, all HarperCollins), is babysitting for an energetic puppy. Anabel’s antics are perfectly captured in Urbanovic’s chaotically charming cartoons depicting her playing dress up, toilet-papering her Uncle Brody, or playing ball indoors. But when she gets stuck in a tree, it’s up to the frazzled duck to find a solution. The story is slight, though comic; it’s the bold, funny artwork that really shines here.”
School Library Journal

Click on the book cover to read an excerpt from Sitting Duck.

Sitting Duck

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Max the Duck

The charming watercolors will give audiences plenty to look at as these expressive creatures search the house for an alligator-sized hiding place and plot to save their new guest. The animals are clearly the movers and shakers in this household, and Urbanovic has done a fine job of rendering each one with clever humanlike postures and expressions… With a comedic story and strong visuals, Duck and Cover is sure to please.
Jayne Damron, Farmington Community Library, MI

“When a desperate alligator named Harold, on the lam from the zoo, turns up at Irene’s door, she and her pets are reluctant at first to provide him with amnesty given his crime (he claims to have accidentally eaten someone’s pet)… Max and his crew continue to be a personable bunch, and Urbanovic still knows how to up the melodramatic ante with both her witty narrative (“…they decided to sleep on it. In Irene’s room. With the door locked tight”) and her comically slapstick illustrations (there’s lots of rushing around and waving paws or wings about). She capably depicts the pets’ understandable nervousness around their pointy-toothed houseguest while also portraying Harold as a lovable, if large, reptile with fears of his own (the basement, for example). This is rife with riotous readaloud potential, so grab the previous title and make it a Max Marathon, or just enjoy it solo.”
BCCB (circ.)

  • Volunteer State Book Award 2011-2012 nominee
    (TASL Tennessee Assoc. of school librarians)
  • Arkansas Diamond Primary Award nominee

Click on the book cover to read an excerpt from Duck and Cover.

Sitty Duck

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Duck Soup

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"Like the first Max story, Duck at the Door (January 2007), the cartoon cover is irresistible and the comical illustrations spice up the clever story. Kids will love the misidentified body parts. As silly and funny as the Marx Brothers movie of the same title.”

“Urbanovic creates a slapstick delight with her wildly expressive characters and expertly conveyed physical comedy. Particularly uproarious are the animals’ reactions as they discard the soup and imagine, momentarily, that the potatoes, carrots, and onions are, in fact, Max. Like its best-selling predecessor, this is sure to be a read-aloud hit.”

  • New York Times Bestseller List 2008
  • Bank Street College Best Children's Books of the Year 2009
  • Oprah Winfrey's Book Club for Kids
  • Has been nominated for the Missouri Building Block Picture Book Awards, Texas Library Association 2x2 Book List, Nebraska Golden Sower Primary Award and the Arkansas Diamond Primary Award list.

Click on the book cover to read an excerpt from Duck Soup.

"…this is her first work as writer-illustrator, and a very promising start it is. The story is simple, the expressive pictures are pleasing, and both work well together…”

“…The big-hearted open-door policy here will appeal to a wide range of readers.”

“This is a funny, loving book that subtly reminds readers that friendship is important, that families can be made up of friends or individuals… and that there is a place for each of us in this world… Highly recommended.”Golden Gator Award from Laurel School
Cheryl Rainfield’s Children’s book reviews

  • IndieBound top ten pick 2007
  • New York Times Bestseller List 2007
  • Has been nominated for the Virginia Readers Choice List, Abilene Texas Mockingbird Award list, Volunteer State Book award list, and the Illinois Monarh choice award list

Click on the book cover to read an excerpt
from Duck at the Door.

Duck at the Door

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Kohl’s Cares for Kids Campaign

Max and the gang were incredibly happy to be chosen for the Kohl's Cares for Kids Campaign. Plush toys were made of both Max the duck and Brody the Saint Bernard and a special printing was done of both Duck at the Door and Duck Soup. The toys and books were sold at all Kohl's Stores for an incredible five dollars each, and the profits went to benefit children's health charities. Kohl's continues to feature different books and characters each year. It's worth checking out.

Find out more about the Kohl's Cares for Kids Campaign.

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